Event Information

  • Date:  Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2024
  • Location:  215 West 5th Avenue, Marysville


  • Little Pumpkin Dash:  8:55 am
  • National Anthem:  9:00 am
  • 5k Run/Walk:  9:05 am


Registration Fee Schedule

Registration fees are based on the number of participants registered

  •     1 to 100:  $25 Adults / $20 Kids
  • 101 to 300:  $30 Adults / $25 Kids
  • 301 to 600: $35 Adults / $30 Kids
  • 601 to 900:  $40 Adults / $35 Kids
  • 901 and Up: $45 Adults / $40 Kids



Pumpkin Dash 5k Finisher

Very Important – Bib Swapping

Bib swapping can be extremely dangerous!

What is bib swapping?

When runner A registers and they decide not to run and give their bib to runner B without informing the event organizers of the change.

Why is this dangerous?

Let’s say the scenario above happens.  Runner B starts the race and get’s into some trouble, perhaps a heart attack or they accidently trip and hit their head on the ground.  When paramedics arrive they radio to the finish line asking for information on the runner.  When they give the finish line the bib number, the finish line tells them your runner is a male aged 16, and give them the name.  The paramedic looks down and says “no, we have a female here who looks to be more like 24 years old.”  Well then we have an issue.

What should you do if you can’t run and want to give your bib away?

You should contact the race organizers beforehand and let us know of your intention.  We will give you the procedure to make the bib exchange.  This ensures that we have the most accurate information at the finish line and that you are safe.